Might I be doing something a bit 'too' much?
What about my balanced life?

Sorry that you are struggling - I acknowledge and commend you for taking action.


I might consider keeping myself safe

Unhelpful Addictive behaviour seems to be a COMMON HUMAN condition - it might start as a way for me to ENJOY, ENHANCE or ESCAPE. As a HUMAN BEING I have a tendency to be FLAWED and might sometimes think or act in a way that is UNHELPFUL. I might also CHOOSE TO LEARN a more HELPFUL way to think and act over time. There are MANY examples of people moving past unhelpful thinking and behaviour. When I feel I am in danger, I might call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or attend a hospital emergency.

Support for me is perhaps a click away

In a non-emergency situation, I might like to send an email to BLD - it would be great to have you touch base with us.

I might also like to use or have a look at the tools in the tools section.

Direct Line - 1800 888 236 for Information and Support

I might improve and go on to live a fuller life - people do all the time

MANY people do. A SMALL alteration in my thinking or behaviour might have far reaching and profound results. I didn't get to where I ended up over-night, however I might CHOOSE TO shift my thinking and behaviour just a little, and CREATE more HOPE for myself, in a reasonably short space of time.

Perhaps I might start with the Cost Benefit Analysis - CBA

Whether I start with the CBA - under the "Tools" section above - or the HoV, USA - terms which I might be unfamiliar with at the moment - my improving awareness of my choice, and what it might mean to me to be HUMAN, may help to increase my recognition of my ability to alter my behaviour. Seeing that I might have a choice may be a step closer to making that more helpful choice, slightly more often. Awareness and recognition might be the beginning of an alteration in my behaviour.

BLD promotes "The Power of Choice"

It might be very human for my choice to appear to become limited as I progress in my doing something 'too' much. The latest brain science supports the notion that my mind has plasticity - that I may only be locked into behaviour to the extent that I BELIEVE I am locked into it. Examining a belief of mine might be the start of a shift in my result - then taking a helpful ACTION to promote my well-being.

Rather than saying this process is "easy," the idea is that it is perhaps POSSIBLE.

What if I am the exception?

I may well be the only person in the history of the world that is destined, despite all my attempts to improve my behaviour,  to stay EXACTLY as I am forever.


How likely would that be, however?

My change creates my chance.

"Anything, any time."