Secular alternative or supplement to AA and NA in australia and on the net.

How BLD might help me


Peer support

  • Support
  • A Tool
  • A Technique
  • A Mind-set
  • Practical Discussion
  • Skill Focused


Goals - I choose my own

  • Abstinence Today Discussion
  • I might choose any goal for myself
  • A Practical Tool
  • Focus on the last week - lesson or challenge
  • What might be coming up for me - preparation


What about my PROBLEM?

  • How to do an ABC in REBT
  • More HELPFUL thinking
  • Building My Resilience
  • Developing a Strategy
  • Dealing with a thought to use or an urge
  • Three Major MUSTS!
  • JAMMED SLOP - Unhelpful Thinking
  • My Balanced Life - What Might I Do?
  • Self-Acceptance - Self-Compassion

I'm in control!

It is MY choice what I do and when


Rather than a "step" for me to follow - or a thing I am 'required' to do - I might CHOOSE what seems to work for me from what is available.